транспортно-экспедиционная компания

Транспортно-экспедиционная компания

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Новый план «ГОЭЛРО» по России, – «Юлэкс» массово доставляет дизельгенераторы в регионы.

рнию а также в Коми, - г. Лабытнанги. В каждый регион было отправлено по несколько еврофур. Размеры и компановка Дизельгенератов были различные (стационарные, на подвижной платформе, в кожухе и без и т.п.…) в зависимости от предстоящих задач. В Коми кроме генераторов были отправлены несколько Панельных БЛОК-контейнеров «Север ПБК-6». Эти доставки прошли под девизом: «Да будет Свет … во всех уголках России!».


Source: https://www.facebook.com/tk.uleks

Статья #2

Principal directions of our company's activity are the professional organization and direct implementation of intrarepublican and international trucking made with the help of usage of our own or involved for these aims vehicles.

We transport different  cargoes: standard, outsize, hazardous, overweight, high priced, requiring temperature-controlled conditions, low- tonnage.

One of the main company's directions is the transportation of joint cargoes. Also we are experienced at transportation of loose goods by the haulers with a carrying capacity of 20-50 tonnes and by the cement trucks with a carrying capacity of 30-40 tonnes. 

The benefits of cooperation with our company:

  • the shortest period of applications' processing for cargo transportations:
  • promptly informing the customer about the progress and location of cargo transportation;
  • highly qualified employees;
  • clear organization of documents;
  • careful attention to any cargo;
  • mobility.

Among the fundamental principles, that are taken into account during our work are the individual approach to each customer and focus on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. You receive your cargo safe and sound at the appointed time, and we, in our turn, receive a happy customer, either  a moral and material satisfaction. 

Source: http://e-g.by/

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